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 About Us _ 

Early operation 1994

Founded & Managed by Mark

[ Technical Private Investigator ]


Responsible for the investigation activities around the globe with results too numerous to detail.


[ Overview ]



We have a long established background in electronics, telecommunications, datacommunications, avionics and information technology.  We offer a range of services to suit the situation under investigation.  We design,

re-manufacture electronic devices and employ the latest applications to aid the gathering of intelligence and/or evidence, ensuring we are working within the legal boundary of the country we are operating in.


Many weird and wonderful requests have been made,  as well as the mundane.  Most of our resolutions remain discreet and are not in the public domain.  We can reference cases where criminal proceedings have been concluded or are in the public domain. 


We operate at a global level, offering services in most countries.  Our network of international, confidential contacts extends deep into this field and being respected in the industry, we can offer a solution in many cases.


Obviously details of a large number of specialist solutions remain out of bounds for a website.  Therefore it is best to contact us in the first instance to discuss how we can help.  


We are not the traditional "Private Investigators" that only deal in matrimonial issues.  We offer a specialist service that provides solutions for complex situations in challenging environments.



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