Covert Technical Solutions for the past 27 years 


We understand not all situations are the same, not all investigations are black and white and outcomes of covert surveillance have different consequences. However, we have experienced many issues over the years so can bring this into the action to change the balance.




Tel: +44 (0)7541 849075



Centrally located covering all of the UK, Europe and select regions Worldwide. 

United Kingdom



We reserve the right to not engage in operations if we feel there is poor justification or out of legal boundaries for the region. 


Where required, references can be given. 


We do not banner flaky or fringe associations, memberships or accreditation's as our credit is derived through high quality results over many years service. 

All the images and video on this site are of  real situations  or equipment we use from cases over the 27  years.


We do not use "stock images". 

All images & videos are copyrighted, the re use in any form is not permitted without written permission. 


Passwords maybe needed to access certain pages,  please enquire via email.


Memphis, USA
Memphis, USA

Special build vehicles for high level service

Memphis, USA
Memphis, USA

Components deployed about the vehicle at point of OEM build.

Memphis, USA
Memphis, USA

Bespoke CCTV system build, catering for the arduous operation ahead

Memphis, USA
Memphis, USA

iPad app for remote access over wifi enabling distant downloading.

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