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Cases in the public domain 

[ Henri Coanda Airport,  Otopeni,  Romania - December 2019 ]

Systematic duty free theft EUR 800,000

In this successful case we  designed a bespoke covert audio-video system to capture the areas of risk in the supply chain of aircraft catering - including at risk items such as duty free cigarettes, alcohol and luxury goods to the value of EUR 800,000.

The system needed to comply with aircraft PED rules and be admissible in court. 

To secure these key requirements we worked with the airline security team and airline safety team re PED rules.

We worked with the Romanian Prosecution Service to ensure the intelligence gathered would be admissible in court.

The operation logistics gave another challenge to cycle the covert systems through the risk area. Through our expertise, evidence was gained and buy working with the local police a successful conclusion was achieved for the  airline.

A total of 58 people were involved  "20 people detained & 38 placed under judicial control"

As with many of these operations, the positive outcome involved a review of procedures & processes identifying weaknesses,  which have since been addressed to protect the business in the future.



see link to Romanian Press


[ Gatwick Airport,  UK - June 2016 ]


Systematic duty free theft 2013 £2.43million

In this successful case,  we designed bespoke covert audio-video systems to capture the areas of risk in the supply chain of aircraft catering.  

On this occasion, we fitted out a number of vehicles with 4G enabled remote CCTV with long term data storage.  We provided full term operational support to the catering firms security team, who provided evidence to the local Police.

As the equipment and processes were accepted practices within the bounds of an investigation in the UK, no additional prior approvals were needed.

After a comprehensive evidence gathering period was undertaken and all the nefarious activities understood along with all of the gang members involved Sussex police made the arrests - 18 people were involved. 

A large quantity of the stolen goods and cash were recovered from the culprit's homes. 

Most of the gang members were jailed for between 24 & 48 months.

The Catering firm were able to fully understand the criminal situation as it developed and pulled together an amazing Business Continuity Plan, so following the arrests no loss of service delivery was encountered by the airline. 

A review of procedures and practices after the event  has enabled all areas exposed risk to be secured with new enhanced procedures, and identified weaknesses were resolved by the design and implementation of bespoke vehicular overt CCTV solution covering loss prevention, road safety and importantly Health & Safety activities  around the vehicles, both air and land side, thus complying with ever tightening airport regulations. 

The Overt CCTV system are seen as a benefit to operations, having an added benefit of protecting the company's reputation in working in close contact with aircraft. 

see link to BBC 




[ South Wales,  UK - June 2020 ]

Fly Tipping  - Disused dual carriage way


Monetary cost in clearance       £200 - £400k 

Environmental damage        in-calculable 

Over many years this site, an unadopted road in South Wales became a notorious fly tipping site.   see the link Daily Mail - "Fly tipping seen from space".

Over the past 10 years the local authority reported their efforts had been quickly compromised and many hours of manpower were involved in clearing the site of fly tipped rubbish which was of such large quantity, it was reported in a national news paper that it could be "seen from space".

We feel this environmental damage should not be tolerated, the toxic components released over time do indescribable damage. 

We were asked to assist in the technical aspect of identifying the culprits and their vehicles.  We designed a battery powered 4G system that can record and stream live and motion activated video to smartphones.  We deployed and maintained 6 systems over the course of 12 weeks.

Remaining covert in the environment was a challenge due to the changeable weather and access conditions, combined with genuine users accessing the area for dog walking etc.


The local authority have previously deployed animal trap cameras with supporting warning signage, and the astute targets became aware,  resulting in the targets being "covert surveillance aware".

The systems were deployed into the fabric of the environment and remained un-compromised throughout the operation. 

In the first 4 weeks we collected approx 40 offences. 

These offences where split between one time car based fly tippers  with a car full of waste to gangs with multiple vans clearly running an organised business of waste clearance  fly tipping based on either dumping  car tyres, building/garden waste materials or cannabis farming waste.  

The latter 8 weeks of the operation revealed repeat offenders and vehicles replicating the modus operandi of the gangs, supporting a better collection of evidence.  

All the people and vehicles identified have faced legal proceedings with fines issued and vehicles seized.  

Two of the fly tippers were reported to have  fled to Ireland.

A vehicle involved in multiple tips, became known as "the fastest fly tip in the west", remained at large due to false details of vehicle registration but the video was  released to the public,  resulting in national press coverage and the culprit named within days and he now faces the consequences of his actions.

In this operation we provided end to end technical operational support in the field and evidence production with the investigation undertaken by a local Private Investigation firm. 



see link to The Sun but many others ran the story 




Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 12.39.42.png

Covert systems deployed capturing audio & video  along the target supply chain route 

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 12.00.54.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 12.06.56.png

Sample video above stealing from Carts 

Some recovered stolen goods below 

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 17.19.31 copy 2.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 14.01.05.png
DSC02577 copy.JPG

"Fly tipping seen from space" 

Fastest fly tip of builders waste material 

Cannabis farm waste material 

More cannabis farm waste material 

The sun fly tip.png

"Fastest fly tipper in the west"

The quality of the original video is much higher then these examples 

For reasons of sensitivity we have not shown the equipment used

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