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GSM 3G & 4G, wifi GPS Trackers

[ Overview ]


We have experienced many types of tracking systems from basic RF beacons to GPS. We currently work closely with Gotek7 taking their very efficient well developed & managed device.  We can modify into bespoke formats for client specific operations.


This re-manufacturing and bespoking process results in a tracker designed for the application and issues under investigation as opposed to just "lumped up under a vehicle" as in traditional P.I operations.


The tracker works with roaming sims functioning in 180 + countries and acquiring first fix very fast from a cold start and across international boarders.


On a recent WEEE operation for the UK Environmental Agency, we tracked electrical goods consigned to recycling that were  being re directed to Ghana for land fill. This is illegal under EU laws.


Trackers are powered by Lithium Ion batteries.  We can build to your duration :-


  •      800mAh for 4 days to 2 weeks pinging every 5 seconds to 60 mins

  •      6000mAh for 36 days to 4 months pinging every 5 seconds to 60 mins

  •      36000mAh for 12 months to 24 months pinging every 10 seconds to 60 mins


Charging utilises the new inductive plate method, hence the tracker can be embedded into objects to aid the covertness of the operation. 


Using very sensitive 3 axis GSM motion sensor,  the tracker can be placed in a bag and will alert if the bag has been moved via SMS.



[ GPS Boosters ]


Where trackers are to be deployed deep within a metallised container densely packed on a regular route, we can deploy GPS boosters to re generate the GPS signal.  These satellites are 20,000Km away - GSM is not so much of a problem as the SIM's are roaming so will communications with the local cell site a couple of Km away.



[ RF Beacons ]


These very small devices pulse out RF and an ID code in morse code when either in motion or a static state.  Mark to Space ratio programmable to suit the power source with a high burst power pulse potential.



[ GSM Motion detectors ]


This small discreet device is a GSM connected transmitter that sends an SMS when it detects motion, even the smallest amount.  It can be retro fitted into a door,  plastic or wood and when the door opens an SMS is sent. This provides a heads up on the movement of targets.  It can also be placed in target areas e.g; on suspended ceiling tiles where goods are nested in the ceiling.



The Tracker has a comprehensive control panel.  Here is the PC version however mobile apps work as well 


This Childs toy was fitted with GPS tracker 

shown below

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