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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

[ Overview ]


One of our solid services very much related to our 27 years experience in pro-active surveillance. It is a pointless exercise to engage non experienced deployment specialist and system designers, as a high degree of knowledge is needed to detect the past and presence of eavesdropping devices.


We are a  highly skilled sweep team dealing with vehicles, offices, houses, meeting rooms. We offer a fast response to enquiries  for this service and are able to reach sites rapidly in most worldwide locations.


We use the latest technology :-


  •    Non Linear Junction detectors - NLJD 

  •    RF Spectrum Analyser to the highest Ghz 

  •    Talan telephone and line analysers 

  •    Thermal imagery 

  •    Detailed physical sweep



[ Wifi Friend or Foe ]


A new specialist process of wifi friend or foe to extract hidden 2.4. 3.6 & 5 Ghz devices. 


With many devices utilising the wifi frequencies 2.4 & 5Ghz, it makes for an ideal location for a covert eavesdropping device. it can be  hidden in the radio noise of a wifi enabled product.   We can scan the spectrum for unauthorised analogue devices in these ranges and consider if they are hostile.  We can also identify visible & hidden  SSID wifi devices and define and eliminate as friend (known) or foe (unknown - potential hostile) devices. 



Thermal Profile ]


Electronic surveillance devices consume electrons in their operation. These flowing electrons invariably generate heat.  In addition,  high power RF transmitters  that propagate their signal, often heat up the surrounding area. These heat sources can be detected using the latest sensitive detectors. We also include a comprehensive thermal sweep of the target area. 



[ Data Forensics ]


We can data mine old smartphones and computers for data and new IT for Spyware. Please see Data Forensic section for more information.





Both mobile phone networks and wifi networks are susceptible to 'man in the middle' attacks.  Jammers are used to force devices off of safe encrypted networks and onto the phantom network, therefore enabling eavesdropping and data interception. These activities are detectable but information and know how is restricted. 

[ Spyware on Mobile Phones ]

We are currently using the Pineapple range of multihead radio devices to set up a friendly man in the middle  "monitor" set up and with a data packet analyser examine and detect unusual RF/Data output for anomalies indicating spyware is on the mobile phone.  Pegasus included.

Further investigative options can be pursued depending on initial findings.


If an important event is taking place and information/images of a sensitive nature could be captured and distributed to the public over the Internet.  This may not be desirable and we can assist in the management of electronic media connections.



[ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Drone's ]  - AS WITH MOST REQUIREMENTS IT IS BEST TO DISCUSS


Where a sensitive open air event it taking place and the air space is restricted we can deploy counter drones to locate and interrupt.





A TSCM needs to consider Data Forensic activities to be complete as these fields cross




A high profile celebratory wedding

TSCM Sweep of wedding reception for a major VIP, celebrities and guests. Operation also included Social Media control element.

The wifi spectrum is very busy with TxRx activity.  It is a good place to hide a covert Tx device 

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