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Examples of TSCM -  images of our professional equipment 


Vehicle sweep physical and RF  


With 20 years of experience in the covert design & deployment world we approach the situation with a hands on attitude of how would we target the host, hence a finger tip search and an open mind is very much a prime requirement.  


TSCM equipment is needed but has its limitations but saying that we employ the latest and best equipment available and know how to use it.


The client briefs us on the requirements and indicates why they would be targeted and hence their likely technology involved.  We assess the requirement and offer a suitable service.


Radio Spectrum Sweep 50Kz to 3Ghz and 2Ghz to 12Ghz   


Using the REI CPM700 Equipment we can sweep for live Transmitting device analogue or digital very fast and effectively.  We can sweep for VLF devices and infrared transmitters.  Once swept the CPM will enable an in conference monitoring service.

Radio Spectrum Sweep 20Khz to 26Ghz and beyond  


We have an industrial grade calibrated HP Spectrum Analyser up to 26Ghz,  where we need to go higher we hire a unit in ( both options are expensive ).


These upper frequencies are rarely used as penetration thru walls at these frequencies is unlikely and very hard to propagate being more waveguide then RF.


The spectrum analyser is very stable and does allow a clear look at the RF with a quality receiver to demodulate.  This equipment requires a dedicated skilled operator. 

Talan Fixed Telephone and Line Analyser  


This is a multi functional TSCM device, it connects to the Cat5 VOIP telephone network and gives the ability to run a number of phone and line tests.  It is very functional and affective but a physical inspection is recommended and as telephone switching systems can be rerouted at the exchange.


Telehones lines are considered unsafe.


Mobile phone voice and data are at risk from eavesdropping and is detectable 

where the intercept is a local Man in the Middle attack.    


Eavesdropping & Tracking via C7 routing/intercept is undetectable so caution is advised.




Audiotel Superbroom Plus   


Super Broom Plus is the higher powered Non Linear Junction Detector.


This TSCM device has its critics but as mentioned we are wary of  "tester's"

indicating "a bug in situe" we use a collective approach requiring multi source to confirm.


The broom head emits a series of RF signals at various powers, these RF signals penetrate the sweep area and where a semi conductor is present the unique characteristic of the "doped" semi conductor reacts to the RF in the broom in the form of reflective waves, this new signal is converted into a measured response - bleep and bar graft - its down to the operator to establish if the signal is friend or foe. 


The TSCM operative needs to be skilled in electronics & telecommunications to understand the logic.


wifi Friend or Foe   


The wifi spectrum is full of devices chattering away,  some open and visible some hidden (SSID).  We drill into the detail of the wifi to establish whether the devices are friendly - known or foe - not known, using directional antennas to pinpoint the RF source. 


Once a profile is known - mapped we can return to monitor activity. 


On larger networks this service lends it self as the start of a penetration testing process.


There are many other ways to eavesdrop, the list in endless but realism has to step in.

Its best to discuss the risks and service needed.



Thermal profile 


We carry out a thermal sweep to detect covert devices.


The flow of electrons within devices generates heat - the red spot image shows the device after 5 mins of operation compared to the same device not in service  


Smaller image Tx is not switched on.












This red spot thermal image is a covert camera deployed in a hedge. 

Electronic eavesdropping within electronic devices



This image of the keyboard shows a hidden keystroke capture device, if this device is wifi enabled it would be detectable even if the keyboard is wireless otherwise very hard to detect other then disassembling is undertaken.



The list of covert devices is endless, a search of the internet will always show new innovative ways but with an awareness and a proactive preventative plan and the risk can be mitigated. 


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