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Covert bespoke systems 

[ Overview ]


A service for clients that prefer to own the whole process, including equipment end to end, where they are likely to get multiple use from the covert technology.


We take a brief from the client on their covert surveillance requirements then design and re manufacture a technical solution to suit. Therefore, there are no typical devices but many examples have been engineered over the years using class leading technology.


Consideration should be made for :-


  •    Duration of recording. This determines the storage method/size and power source 

  •    Lighting conditions:  night/day monochrome/colour camera 

  •    Requirement for audio 

  •    Views required: primary and secondary 

  •    Deployment location: static, mobile, vehicle mounted 

  •    Access to deploy & manage the device 

  •    Use of captured data: evidence / intelligence, PACE & RIPA (UK only)


We have for many years offered live streaming covert systems direct to android & iPhone apps.  This has dramatically increased the speed at which intelligence is accessed & processed and therefore the need to make moves and changes is more dynamic. 


This solution is aimed at companies & organisations that have competent investigators who want to manage the covert operation in house and are prepared to set up technology.  We can provide user training and on going technical support. 



See "Sample Videos" for typical covert video,  some with audio. These are spread over many years.  Recent HD video recorders offer far clearer images in very compact packages. Samples of quality, costs and specifications are available on request. 


Click on the "Core Components" link to see todays base products which we mix and match to your solution - Just add your "Hide" and we will integrate. 


The "Recent Builds" link gives an idea of the capability.




[ Training ]



Customer acquired equipment.


Training can be tailored for product specific support to key staff on supplied equipment therefore enabling confidence and competence to operational level. 



General electronic trade craft activities.


We can provide a trade craft training package to suit your operational requirements based on all of the activities on this website.


*** New Remote Live view CCTV 1080p HD Camera & DVR. *** 

A new product into the field utilises two battery powered components for live cctv images and audio with motion detect alerts. 


In this case we are using camo based plastic boxes but could be any object to suit location - tree stump, road sign/post clip on etc.


Ideal for close quarter surveillance or trigger point to give the heads up on target movement & direction. 


1    The core unit - A battery powered covert camera & DVR with wifi capability.


2    The mifi unit - A battery powered mifi unit for 4G connection to the Web.


The core unit has a high definition pinhole colour camera with a 78degree field of view and includes audio pick up.  The data is recorded to a local microSD memory chip 64, 128 & 256Gb at a rate of 240 to 540Mb per hour.


The video can also be live streamed to a PC or smart phone for constant live viewing and motion detection alerts.


A smart phone app is used to set the system function.


A large 36Ah power pack powers the unit for 6 days, any size can be designed & supplied.

The mifi unit is placed within wifi range of the camera unit typically 25 to 50 meters and ideally in a high position to get a good strong 3 or 4G signal. The power pack is designed to match the camera unit/s.  Upto 10 cameras can be connected one mifi unit.


Typically a “pay as you go” data sim is used with remote top up options to manage throughput of data - the more cameras or higher the definition the more data will be consumed. Payg data is more cost efficient. 


** New 1080p HD pinhole zoomed lens camera. **


We have developed a new 1080p HD covert camera with interchangeable covert pinhole lenses with 30, 20 or 16 degree options.


These zoomed lenses give the ability to zoom in to close fast actions such as keyboards and computer screens.  Useful as an independent means of gleaning intelligence, ideal for viewing down around desktops.


A typical deployment would use a standard 1080p HD 90 degree pinhole lensed camera for a general view of the target area with zoomed pinhole cameras deployed for select "on target views".



This client video shows a security operative systematically stealing valuable items from a "secure trolley" deployed in the UK video captured in South Africa.

This bespoke recording laptop has 3 cameras fitted and records HD video on 3 sides with the lid down for 24 hours per charge.

Waterproof battery powered web based CCTV for 6 to 8 days constant operation in this format.

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