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Below are a few examples of covert video captured from various locations.  All were recorded to a local hard drive and some were connected to the internet for live streaming. 



Video 2

Collusion to steal $37M in the Middle East 


These sample videos show two of four cameras hidden within the MD's office of a Petrochemical Company in a hard to operate country. 

A brief was given and equipment prepped, posted and collected by the client at his home address.  A number of country visits were

made to deploy the systems in stages for utmost secrecy. 

The system was a long duration record DVR connected to external IP for remote monitoring from Europe.  We also used a close up Full HD zoom pinhole lens to capture the details inputted in to the Mac.  

The official company Mac had spyware embedded but the target used a second duplicate Mac to hide is actions.

After a number of weeks of surveillance & intelligence gathering,  including enhancing audio and translation, the person & his third party connections where identified and contained.  He was removed from his post and the business problem solved. 

Mis-medication of an unwell client in Kenya  


These three video's show minor theft of cash by a long term trusted house keeper.  This video was incidental to the prime request.

 The client based in the UK ,suspected  her wealthy father was being counter medicated to cause early death this was being done using drugs sourced in the UK. 

The brief was taken and equipment prepped and pre delivered.  It required two visits to country to set up the system.  This was a long record DVR with 8 covert cameras and audio connected to the internet enabling remote viewing from the UK.

It took some fast ball techniques to get this equipment installed with total secrecy.

The PC was also fitted with spyware as email was the primary method of communication with the targets co perpetrators.

For privacy & legal reasons the primary video cannot be shown. 


The perpetrator was removed from site and prosecuted.

The local Police dealt with the house keeper. 



Gatwick Gang planning their nefarious activities


This video shows the Gatwick Airport Duty free gang talking about covert cameras being deployed amongst the fleet to catch them. 


So many night staff had been caught stealing that a business continuity plan was needed to cover the arrest process to allow the business to operate post full team removal. 

A 20 person arrest date was planned and in the meanwhile the surveillance had to carry on without compromise and risk the targets "fleeing".

The Gang leader (transport manager), is seen and heard talking to his co conspirators bragging about their ability to detect covert cameras ! 

Meanwhile the cameras and audio picked it all up and remained undetected.



Gatwick Duty Free theft 


This video shows a driver dropping out the back of the lorry between the loading bay with a bag of stolen duty free, his daily routine.

His car is parked in the same yard as the lorry.  Poor cctv and lack of  lighting meant his MO easy.



HGV Driver using his mobile phone & texting 


This video shows a driver using a mobile phone while driving along the motorway.

The small fleet has an internet connected 4 camera overt mobile cctv system.  The internet connection allows live logins 

Not only does the client randomly login to see how his fleet is progressing the client  also reviews vehicle movements on a sample basis. He was surprised by this drivers persistent use of his mobile.

Overt cctv deployments are often a result of a covert cctv operation, where covert systems has delivered a result and overt systems deployed as follow up deterrent to press the point home. 



Eye test  - driver drives into stop sign!


This video shows the newly employed agency HGV driver hitting the stop sign and running over the supporting bollards.

He claimed he sneezed as he drove up to the signs, which was not the case !

He was dismissed.

In 2011 we installed 80 "4 camera overt  mobile cctv systems".

These systems have the ability to constantly record long periods of 60 to 90 days on local SSD storage.

These systems were to enhance protection of assets within the vehicle and provide evidence should it be required. 

External views & road activity/liability was not in the initial brief.



Complementary  1st class drinks theft (airside in the Middle east!) 


This video shows an aircraft catering operative stealing bottles of alcoholic drink airside from the 1st class bar.

Being free drink from the complementary bar the assets are hard to manage,  this issue had been in existence for many months if not years but very diffcult to detect.

Bespoke covert audio/video equipment captured a series of events that provided intelligence that opened up a gang.  As is typical in these situations this crime was the tip of the iceberg leading to the indetification and eradication of other issue at that airport. 

Theft is an issue but the security breach was the best resolve in this instance. 

The client recovered all their investigation & some stock costs returned back billing the catering firm. 




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