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Covert Systems Hire & Deployment

[ Overview ]


Where the client has a Security or Asset Protection Team of limited technical capability we provide the technical know-how for the particular operation.


We have many customers that operate throughout the UK and Europe that require a fast callout to deploy a covert technical solution in the soonest possibly time. This service is  similar to the UK Police Technical Support Unit. 


Many customers do not want the capital expense and depreciation issues involved in owning expensive CCTV equipment or,  as the technology develops, equipment being made redundant or its usefulness limited by disclosure or compromise.


This service also offers the ability to be diplomatic and discreet about such operations taking place and corporate involvement. 


We provide a fast turnaround service where we attend site 24 x 7 and deploy a suitable solution within a sensible budget.

The system can be as simple or complex as needed :


  •      Static - warehouse, office, field

  •      Mobile - vehicle based aircraft, boat, car, lorry etc

  •      Drop and go - battery powered where time on site is limited


In some cases, live streaming could be employed for faster response to activities.



We would recommend a reasonable period of recording 4 or 8 weeks.  

We would recommend 24 hour recording ensuring no gaps in the recording.

We cannot recommend Video Motion Detect recording due to gaps and false triggers.  

We would advise on a sensible quantity of surveillance equipment to suit the issue. 

We advise on local limitations as to the extent of surveillance verses over intrusion.

We would keep the collateral damage to a minimum.


We also provide ongoing support with evidence production & presentation.



We can produce training videos bespoke to your experience. These are a useful tool for a change & improvement program. 



[ Case 1 ] Recent covert dark light warehouse operation 

Theft and consumption of alcohol miniatures while on duty.

In this recent warehouse operation we took direction from the in-house asset protection team, initially deploying a two camera IR system for first base intelligence as to who was involved.  Once the first two hits had been made, a second deployment of two more camera & IR LED’s was made to understand how the business security failings were being exploited.  On completion the business implemented a change program.


Note :-  the small video clip shown was captured in complete darkness,  we used 950nm Infrared LED illuminators to light up the whole cage area. 

The video was produced for the Police interview stage to show the sequence of actions, events and the locations using a mix of our covert CCTV and in house overt CCTV, therefore there is a statement accompanying the video. 

Typical operating costs available on request


We reserve the right not to engage in operations if we feel there is poor justification or out of legal boundaries for the region. 


This "clean" video clip shows a Financial Director using the company computer for accessing pornography and dating sites for 95% of the working day.  

Camera embedded within the fabric of the wall.

Cam 1 & Cam 2 are monochrome and use 950nm IR to support the image as the area is very dark

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