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Below are a few examples of covert video captured from various locations.  All were recorded to a local hard drive and some were connected to the internet for live streaming. 



Video 1

Supply Chain Logistic operation - Fats Tony


This Driver was caught stealing diesel from his vehicle.


His routine was over to overfill and under declare leaving a spare 30 Litres of diesel,  he would phone a friend en route and meet

to syphon off the extra.  The intelligence lead to a planned stop and search. He was arrested and cautioned for this one event.


An in-depth investigation was suppressed on cost grounds. 



Two years later the same hub and another more probing investigation resulted in the Penny Pincher operation.



This operation resulted in 5 people arrested and charged for theft of diesel, stock and cages. The cages each costing £100  were cut up and scrapped at £5 each.


The cages were cut up and skipped,  they did this during the working day then booked overtime for being out all day!


The key player used a network of yard based staff to spot the management and supervisors movements,  planning in detail safe locations to park and rack up unwarranted overtime hours. 


The gang used jammers to jam the vehicles standard GPS tracker so added misinformation to the telemetry data.


The cash cost to the logistics company was £600k the damage of reputation was also high with a line of management being dismissed, a review of procedures was implemented with transport controllers to debrief drivers on their return. Today they run clean and and all are wiser to the fact that crime cost more than just money !


Supply Chain Logistic Operation - Penny


This video shows the driver using a hand pump to syphon 100 litres of red diesel from the fridge fuel tank, this they sold on. Meanwhile the second man is emptying the cages from the back and cutting them up for scrap.



Supply Chain Logistic Operation - Newark


This video became a training video for fleet managers to show how an opportunist driver twists the procedures to steal.  This video shows the driver using a GPS jammer to disguise his unplanned route changes.  This clip is diesel theft close to the hub on his route home.  His prime activities would be to use a jammer to allow him to travel an alternative route, he would stop and off load high value electronic goods.  The jammer is seen hanging.


The driver lodged his brothers home address with HR as his, when the Police went to arrest him he was not in and has not been seen since, the case remains outstanding. 


Supply Chain  Operation - Stockman


This video shows a warehouse person packing stock about him in readiness to leave site.  He waits until the majority of staff have gone and security have carried out the required amount of searches.  Then makes his move.


Throughout the day he recovers items back to this locker room and nests it in unused lockers.  Indication of poor locker and key management amongst other issues. 

Supply Chain  Operation - Cap man 


This picker is a single sample of many we captured over a 4 week period - a reasonable time.  This site  employed 600 staff mainly agency, each year they suffered £160k in grazing.  We were contracted  to run an operation for 4 weeks and caught 14 people.  The 14 people were removed from the business.  The agency were fined 14 x 6 weeks wages.  On our return 3 months later the losses where way down and we only caught 2 new staff.


The covert cameras were hidden behind the "CCTV warning signs" !

Supply Chain  Operation - Top up  


This fridge trailer was routinely deployed to pick up cooked food that should of been frozen.  Its fridge diesel was always full on deployment but came back empty - someone was stealing the diesel by the tank load - maybe! 


Covert cameras under the lorry show in fact it was being topped up because the fridge was being run at full to freeze the cooked food !


Incurring cost and mechanical stress outside of the SLA.

Final Mile Distribution  


The video captured was supported by a GPS Tracker to locate this off load which took place 3 times per week.  The delivery driver noted the returns back to a number of stores and delivered them to a central location.  As the paperwork was vague he filtered out the good items.

It was suspected a group of buyers would buy to return for him to collect then sell on the Web exploiting the companies generous returns policy.


This covert system had a wifi connection so that remote downloads could take place whilst the vehicle was in the yard.

HR office cash theft 


This video clip is of a typical office set up where a number of cameras record to static Digital Video Recorder. 


We see a person visit a desk, open a draw and remove items.


Head of HR was holding a small amount of cash from staff returning from foreign business trips in her pedestal draw.  A percentage of cash would go missing on a regular basis.

The video captured a contractor - cleaning supervisor who had keys and access to all areas. Similar items were missing for his other clients sites.


Night shift clear out


This video was triggered by the discovery of discarded packaging in the ceiling space.  After a fast ball investigation, a gang was systematically stealing goods in-transit and selling on the Web.


The gang of 5 exploited a number of weaknesses in the sites security procedures and the incompetence of the night manager who spent most of his duty time in his office on dating web sites and internet porn.  The was dealt with through our Data Forensics service we offer.


This gang also supplied stolen laptops to a handler (kebab shop owner).  The resulting interviews from warehouse staff linked in with a police investigation resulting in a further 7 being arrested.


House cash


This video shows a friend of the family stealing cash.  Sums of cash had gone missing for a number of months prior to the detection with covert CCTV.  The home owner was getting worried he was losing his mind.  After a short term deployment and tight management we caught the culprit.


At 4:24 PM he is seen in the draw checking the cash, at 05:39 he is back with the son/friend, at 5:58 a cash audit found few hundred £ missing.


It was later found the culprit had been harvesting items including cash from others in the community.


Note :-


     The original quality is better than displayed here due to website compression.  


     See "HD Test" for a example of latest quality 


     Operational requirements dictate the recorded pixels and frame rate. 


     Different Regions, Countries, States have differnet laws that affect intrusion.  These

     need to be understood to comply with i.e. some European countries only allow 5 or 7

     days local recording or require instant response to video recorded crime.


     The covert system & application must to be operated within the law, proportionate and

     kept to the minimum duration to remain reasonable. 


     Some countries & states in the USA don't allow audio recordings within the video image.      

     Canada does not allow any form of covert audio/video devices to be carried let alone      

     used in private surveillance.


     Some examples shown are role-played to show the technology but based on real   



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