Technical Solutions in the Surveillance World. 

[ Covert System build ]


Bespoke system build of covert surveillance systems focused at companies with a security depart. 

[ Hire & deployment ]


We deploy and operate the covert systems in partnership with in house asset protection depart. 

[ Covert Investigations ]


Where a turnkey solution is required, 

we will action end to end solutions. 

Power is in the knowledge and the application

[ Data Forensics ]


In-depth analytical examination of computer and smartphones for evidence or intelligence.

[ GSM/GPS Tracking ]


Leading edge asset tracking and location detection. 

Bespoke and off the shelf. 

[ Counter Surveillance ]


Being one of the best at deploying covert systems, we are one of the best at countering surveillance.

** Call in the Professionals **


Don’t risk the embarrassing situation of being compromised!  In a recent unannounced site inspection by officials, sports cameras were used to capture audio/video information "hidden in the sandwiches" see press


** Therefore you won’t find sandwich cam on this site **

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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK 


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